Heartmath Training

As has been practiced by the ESSA staff in preparation for the day’s activity, is having a morning breathing exercise.  During a Heartmath training given by Ms. Rowena Ebdane-Suarez last November 7-8, 2019 at Solution Ecosystems Activator, Inc. office at Barangay Liboncogon, Zarraga, Iloilo, this breathing exercise was supplemented with different techniques thought in this activity.  Among these techniques are:  Heart-Focused Breathing Technique; Inner-Ease Technique; Quick Coherence Technique; Freeze Frame Technique;  and Heart Lock-In Technique.

The two-day activity was a very fruitful moment of ESSA staff.  Many realizations and appreciations came up and the bond among the staff was boosted.  Every participants were very truthful with their feelings and sharing of personal experiences and struggles without thinking that others might be judgmental specially that the attendees were not only from SIAD and ESSA staff of SEA, Inc.  The facilitator was able to bring everyone to be sincere and engaged in order to come up a very successful result.

The ESSA staff has been in its staff development/trainings that focus on values formation however this is also a different kind that poses a great impact among the staff because it recognizes the intelligence of the heart.  The resilience that will be developed because of this activity will be of great help not only in the staff’s daily office responsibilities, specially that the engagements are with different kinds of persons,  but on their personal daily life.

Appreciative Inquiry Workshop Will Help Improve the Research Output

Sustainable Integrated Area development (SIAD) uses Appreciative Inquiry as an effective tool in conducting participatory activities in the community. Having revisited the outputs of the field researchers on the working models (Organic Farmers and other Stakeholders), and the room for the improvement of the outputs, it was then decided that the team will undergo an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) workshop. The workshop was facilitated by SIAD team last October 17, 2019.

During the workshop, the team was able to learned and realized that to have this tool, it will be used to extract a desired outcome from the interview. The workshop also brought optimism among the participants and confidence that what ESSA council requires and expect shall be delivered as expected. The team especially the field researchers recognized that by using a positive approach, a positive result will be delivered.

The workshop even more appreciated with the word of wisdom imparted by the ESSA council chairperson. According to her, the interviewee will be very much willing to be interviewed and will undoubtedly share their stories if we (the researcher) will lay down to them the purpose of the interview which is to inspire others to practice organic farming.

Reinforced by the case conference happened between the researcher and the FSN council, a healthy discussion provided a clear direction on the research output. The conference even ended with a precise agreement what shall be delivered towards our goal in a advancing Organic 4.0.

ESSA and SEA Inc. take part on the Climate Emergency Hour last September 20, 2019

In joining the global movement to raise the awareness on climate emergency, the staff produced a video and poster it in the social media. This is the ESSA and SEA Inc. participation to contribute in making an impact to the community on this campaign.

Aside from that, the ESSA and SEA Inc. Team also shows support to Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist as she delivered her powerful message to the whole world. See link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY_S7n3jkkU

ESSA Build Up Activity


In preparation for the Organic 4.0 National Conference, ESSA is working, coordinating and participating with different activities in different areas to invite and inform the public what will happen on December 17 to 21, 2019 at Angat, Bulacan and to continue to educate and inspire others and involving the youth in Advancing Sustainable Agriculture.

This activity was graced and inspired by the University of San Agustin professor, Hermogenes Gacho Jr., among his achievements, Mr. Gacho is an environmental advocate, climate reality leader trained by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore; Gemma B. Sumague, Program Coordinator of ESSA; Ariel Lastica,  ESSA Council Member; Gideon Palmejar, SEA, Inc. (SIAD) Municipal Coordinator; and Keziah Lei S. Sarmiento, Field Researcher, ESSA.

Involved and invited to attend at the Grandstand of West Visyayas State University, Lambunao, Iloilo last Asugust 16, 2019 were the students of Panluran National High School, Binabaan National High School, Harvester Christian Academy, Lambunao National Highschool, and Coordinating Councils of Lambunao National High School.

Ariel Lastica, Executive Director of Lambunao Champion Farmers and Council Member of ESSA

Ariel Lastica, Executive Director of Lambunao Champion Farmers and Council Member of SEA-ESSA talked about transformative leadership and shared his journey before he became a leader by sharing his educational background, his experiences, and the turning points of his life. He showed pictures of the world youth leaders to set an inspiration to all the participants. He ended his talk by leaving four (4) points on how to transform into a world leader which are speaking, listening, doing, and framing.

Gemma B. Sumague, the Program Coordinator of ESSA

Gemma B. Sumague, the Program Coordinator of ESSA, introduced to the participants what is the organization all about. She also stated the different activities and projects of SEA Inc. specifically the ESSA. Ms. Sumague briefly discussed the event that will be happening on December and invited the students to become a volunteer.

Hermogenes Gacho Jr. the guest speaker, talked about climate leadership

Hermogenes Gacho Jr. talked about climate leadership. He shared important informations that are really happening today and how to deal with even with little actions from the participants. He also showed some pictures to tackle the cause and effect of climate change to the Earth. He encouraged the students to have an initiative in terms of taking care the environment and become a role model to other people.

Invited guest and participants

Inner Conditioning Workshop: Expanding the membership of the ESSA network

Registration and attendance of the participants Inner Conditioning Workshop Delegates

In the phase two of ESSA, one of the strategies to broaden the scope of the network is to influence the influencers by inviting new members coming from different organizations, associations or institutions that support Sustainable Agriculture and to undergo the Inner Conditioning Workshop.

The workshop was a huge success that was held last May 18 to 19, 2019 at CBE, Angat, Bulacan and facilitated by Nicanor Perlas.  Among the invitees who strategically identified by the ESSA councils, eighteen (18) have committedly attended and finished the 2-day Inner Conditioning Workshop.

As the network favourably progress towards the advancement of Sustainable Agriculture, the ESSA council and SEA, Inc as secretariat, wholeheartedly welcome the following new members of the network: Four (4) from schools/academe; Ten (10) from CSO/associations/private practitioners; One (1) from youth; Two (2) from LGU; and One (1) from LOAMC.

Inner Conditioning Workshop delegates while introducing themselves
and having their cluster planning