The Green Unconference 2020 Planning.

Dearest friends in community,

Calling for creating regenerative communities for the future through our next The Green Unconference 2020. Reconnecting and reaching out to you to start conversations regarding the planning of TGU 2020. This time our intention is to host a collaborative event, The Green Unconference as a collective movement that becomes everybody’s movement.

A platform for positive change in which all have a space to share their regenerative self. The set dates are: May 21-23, 2020 Thurs – Saturday, at TDG In.Hub Lighthouse Theater. May 24, 2020 Sunday, in a nature setting. Please participate and/ or join our ideating, admin and coordinating circles – share an earth and climate caring idea, product or service, lead a transformational workshop for people and planet care, facilitate meditations and yoga for oneness and wellness, share songs and other forms of art that inspire and uplift us and preserve heritage, curate or be part of Mindful Market, moderate a conversation close to your heart.

Our Mission is to gather to embrace each other and MOTHER EARTH, bring conscious, centered groups of people together to share stories that could catapult us into the the world we all want. Thus far we are guided by the call to align our inner light with our outer actions and harness collective people’s power through radical collaboration and compassion. We are excited to see what emerges and changes through our community, growing our circle of light and love, and creating ripples of nourishing connectedness in this crucial decade.

Our first ideating meeting will be on February 24, Monday, from 11am to 3pm at Kashmir San Antonio. Join us if free. Or get in touch with us to share your ideas.

Love and hugs,

Kai Farms

IG: @kaifarmsph FB: Kai Farms Ecosystem Email: Mobile: 0998-593-4832

Let us be conscious on what is the earth trying to communicate to us

The fires in Australia, the earthquakes in Mindanao, the devastation left by typhoon Ursula, and now the eruption of Taal Volcano. What is the earth trying to communicate to us?

And how would sustainable agriculture look like amidst all this? The Organic 4.0 National Conference is one of the avenues of trying to address the climate crisis.

Let us all hold our spaces together to create a safer world for the future generation. Register through this link: to participate!

New Phase of Sustainable Agriculture

This National Conference on Organic 4.0 will share some of the best practices in sustainable agriculture. It will also be a venue to convergence with other stakeholders and emerge new collective initiatives together to give greater energy to a rapidly growing movement.

The National Conference is the inaugural conference of the Ecosystem of Stakeholders in Sustainable Agriculture (ESSA). The goal of ESSA is to bring all the key stakeholders of sustainable agriculture together and emerge new inspiring action that would make sustainable agriculture the dominant form of farming in the Philippines, eradicate poverty in rural areas and improve the health of consumers.

Join us in our advocacy on Building Meaningful Partnerships for Sustainable Agriculture like the World depends on it.

To register, please fill-up the online registration form!